Our Story

(Founder Roxy Haji and co-founder Kimi Gallegos)


Who We Are


We all have endless options when it comes to fashion brands that represent our favorite sports team, band, super hero or city. If you love yoga, there's a brand for you. If you're a skater, there's a brand for you. But if you love history, where's your brand? 

Old News Co. was founded to represent the millions of people just like us who love and appreciate history; and need a brand that gets them and represents them.

We make quality apparel and accessories for every kind of history fan: from the hardcore history buff to the occasional enthusiast to the person who just thinks Abraham Lincoln is the coolest guy who ever lived. And every product is crafted right here in the United States, using only premium, durable fabrics and eco-friendly inks.  

We love, live and breathe history. Whether it's the recent past or a bygone era, we seek to bring history to life through our products and our brand. What we make is for everyone. Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt get the same respect, as do our customers who love them. Republican, Democrat or Independent, we welcome you to Old News Co. to help bring the past to life in a new, fun way.