Our Story

(Owner & Founder, Roxy Haji, wearing President Eisenhower)


Owner and founder of Old News Co., Roxy Haji, is unabashedly nostalgic. Whether it’s 1990s pop songs, 1930s films, 1860s facial hair, or a 1770s revolution, she’s a big fan of the past. When she realized there wasn’t a brand for her—a brand that loved and appreciated history the way she did—she started one. Just as people need a brand that gets their love of yoga, sports’ teams, or skateboarding, history buffs need a brand that gets them, too.

Old News Co. got its start specializing in “president” apparel: unique tees and tops that show off your favorite American president (Roxy is a big fan of the presidents!). But since its inception, Old News Co. continues to grow to encompass more and more of the past; we now offer collections that celebrate our history as a nation of immigrants, and our LGBTQ history. Keep an eye out as we continue to expand and introduce new apparel and accessories that celebrate important people, places, and things of the past. History is WAY cooler than your school textbook made it out to be. 

All of our apparel is ethically-made in the United States or in WRAP-certified facilities. All printing is done right here in the United States, and we only use eco-friendly ink. The future is important, too.