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We are a lifestyle brand designed for the history buffs and political junkies. Crafted in America, we specialize in premium apparel that represents our fellow history lovers, with a special emphasis on the American presidents. 

Hurrah for Lincoln Lincoln 16 Women for Lincoln Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream By the People, for the People

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Abraham Lincoln

Show off your love for Abe with these fine tees and more.

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Unhappy with Trump?

How about we Reelect Obama?

Too bad there's the 22nd Amendment. But we really do love history and presidents so much, we want to bring some guys back. Like Barack Obama. 

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If not a fan of Obama, how about reelecting some of these other great presidents? Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, there's a president for you. 

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

A fighter for civil rights and The Man of the 20th Century. We will never forget his intelligence, tenacity and ideals, and how he reshaped the White House and America. President Kennedy moved us forward into a "new" century. 

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

Love the environment? Progress? Going after greed and big money? So did Teddy. A rare Republican indeed, President Roosevelt did not shy from going after the big guys and looking after the little ones. 

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who can forget THIS Roosevelt? He saved America during the Great Depression, rebuilding it from the ground up. And he also saved the world, committing to an Allied Victory in World War Two. We really like this Roosevelt, as did the people who elected him 4 times. 

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