The 10 Best Photos of Birthday Boy Truman

The 10 Best Photos of Birthday Boy Truman

Today is 33rd President Harry Truman's birthday!!! Since we don't currently offer any Reelect Truman shirts, here are some of our favorite photos of Harry.. Enjoy!


Truman in his World War I uniform.

Harry Truman World War I

Bowling at the new White House bowling alley, which was gifted to him for his birthday. 

Harry Truman Bowling

Serenading actress Lauren Bacall.

Harry Truman Lauren Bacall

With Stalin and Churchill. 

Stalin Truman Churchill

That time the news got the winner of the presidency wrong..

Dewey Beats Truman

He be jammin'.

Making Music Harry Truman

Serious faces with his successor, General Dwight Eisenhower. 

Harry Truman Dwight Eisenhower

Hanging with FDR's wifey and our favorite lady ever, Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Harry Truman with Eleanor Roosevelt

Mona Lisa Smile ain't got nothing on Harry Truman Smile. 

Harry Truman smile

A little peace and quiet. Truman in retirement with his wife, Bess Wallace. 

Harry Truman retirement

And that wraps it up, folks! Happy Birthday to Truman!!

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