In Memoriam of Abraham Lincoln

In Memoriam of Abraham Lincoln

A sad day, today is. On this very day in 1865, America's 16th President Abraham Lincoln died following a gunshot wound carried out by the hands of an angry assassin. He was the first U.S. President to be assassinated and, following his death, American history forever changed. 

Not long after his death, Congress thought it imperative to erect a national monument to the larger than life president who presided over our nation's only civil war. But it would take nearly 50 years before government would come together and begin construction of the beautiful and famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.. They quarreled over what it should look like and where it should reside. But by 1914, all came together and construction began. Miraculously, the Memorial finished on time in 1922.

To celebrate one of our nation's most brilliant and amazing presidents, we've collected some amazing photographs of the construction of the Lincoln Memorial, as well as the special dedication ceremony held in 1922, when the Memorial was opened to the public. The ceremony was administered by President Warren G. Harding and Chief Justice William Taft (who was president when Congress commissioned the memorial and was even the commission's president!). Another very special guest was also at the dedication ceremony: Lincoln's eldest son, Robert Todd. 

Here are 20 awesome photos to honor our 16th President. 

(Dedication Ceremony and opening to the public, May 30, 1922.)

(Escorting Lincoln's eldest son, Robert Todd, at the dedication ceremony.)

(President Warren G. Harding, standing left, and Chief Justice William H. Taft, standing right.)

(Robert Todd Lincoln)

(Taft, Harding and Lincoln together at the ceremony.)

(President Harding addressing the huge crowd.)

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