Happy Birthday, America!!!!

What better time to launch Old News Co. and Reelect the Presidents than on America’s birthday? It’s been nearly a year coming, and now it’s here. 


It all started with an old bumper sticker on an old car. It said 'Elect Ross Perot.' I thought it was funny as I limped down the Boston street in an awkward foot cast. Two seconds later, Reelect the Presidents was born. And a whole bunch of craziness later, here. we. are. 


I think knowledge is sexy. It empowers us. It frees us. It’s a worthy enough cause to take head on and try to make worthy-seeming to others. So I started Old News: a company that wants to make knowledge fun, namely historical knowledge and knowledge about current affairs; the kinds of stuff most people say “ew” to. 


Reelect the Presidents is its first line-up. Be prepared for other things, though, including stuff beyond fashion. I’m super eager to get out there and promote our presidents and meet a whole bunch of amazing people as I do. Until we meet, I leave you with this:


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